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Let's Talk Money!

One topic that will continuously be a source of debate on social media (especially twitter) is money. I have some thoughts on some of these debates which I will explore below in some detail. I think the main question is really, "How much money is enough?" The answer is, "It depends."  If you prefer to watch a video instead of reading, I do discuss this topic in my latest "Get Ready With Me". I think a lot of people have misguided opinions on how much money is enough because they are living paycheck to paycheck and they feel like all their problems would be solved if they made 20k more or whatever the number is. They see people making more than what they think their "magic number" is and decide that those other people must be hoarding money and make statements like "nobody needs that much money." There is even more pushback if the person making more is saying they want to make even more.  To some extent, this makes sense because ther