My name is Tiffany Arielle, and I am a YouTuber/Blogger with music and lifestyle related content. If you are interested in lifestyle content, please check out the Youtube tab as well as my Youtube channel. If you are interested in music content as well as short form lifestyle content, please check out my instagram.

I started my channel (and this blog) as a creative outlet and stress reliever. By day, I am an engineer, so it's very easy for me to get caught up in the logical part of my brain and not tap into the emotional side. One thing that I love about music is that it really allows you to feel. You can name any emotion and there will be a plethora of songs that represent that emotion.

I've been singing most of my life. I started in my church youth choir at the age of seven, and I participated in the youth choir and praise team on and off from that time until I graduated from high school. I also participated in my school choir during my senior year of high school. While attending college, I was a member of the Gospel Choir which became my home away from home. I also sang in the choir/praise team at the church I attended for a few years post-graduation.

I decided to shift focus to make my Youtube channel more of a lifestyle channel since I found it fun and interesting to make those types of videos. Additonally, instagram seems better suited for singing and covers as there is more of an audience there and less risk of copyright issues.

Fun fact, I actually started my first YouTube channel while I was attending college, but it wasn't until Summer 2020 that I started my current (better quality) channel and began to upload consistently. Being able to work from home during the pandemic really allowed me to have a lot more time to spend on my hobbies.

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