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Lovers and Friends Fest! Las Vegas

I had a great time at the Lovers and Friends Festival in Las Vegas, so I wanted to share my experience with everyone. If you're interested in a video version , please check that out on Youtube :) This was my first time attending an all day music festival, and I definitely wanted to be prepared for the Vegas heat, so first I'll share what I packed for the festival. clear backpack  - This was a must as festivals as well as many other events only allow clear bags or super small clutches. I definitely needed something of a pretty good size to carry all of my other options. gatorade powder  - This was a major key in staying hydrated in the 100 degree Vegas weather. Some people use the Liquid IV packets, but some form of electrolytes are definitely a must. collapsible water bottles  - I chose these because I wanted to have more room on my way to and from the festival when all of my other items were in my backpack. I reserved a locker, so some of the less essential things (listed belo