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Should Men be the Head of Their Household?

There's a common viewpoint that in a family, there needs to be a "head of household" and that it should be the man. My unpopular opinion is that there probably doesn't need to be a single "head of household" and even if there is, it shouldn't default to being the man. To me, saying the man should be the head of the household implies that women are inferior, that we are below men, that we are somehow incapable of running a family and a household. I don't think this makes any sense because generally speaking, it is the women who actually run the household. Women are the ones who keep track of everything needed for the children, where they need to go and when, what their likes and dislikes are. Women are the ones who cook, clean and keep track of everything that is needed from the store. There are plenty of videos floating around with a bunch of men who don't know their kids' birthdays, don't know where they go to school, what grade they are

Privilege Vs Hard Work

There is a constant debate about privilege. A lot of people seem to take offense at being told that they have privilege or "are privileged". What I think many people don't understand is that privilege and hard work are not mutually exclusive. In order to be successful, you need a combination of both. In the case of athletics for example, the privilege is being born with certain genes. There are many different biological aspects that give someone an advantage in a given sport. Nobody would ever say that an Olympic champion doesn't work hard, but they are also privileged. I think that a lot of the time, people take their privilege for granted possibly because they don't fully realize the magnitude of how much it helped them or don't realize that other people don't have those same opportunities. I'll provide a few examples of my life highlighting the things that I would say are privilege and things that were hard work. Pre-college education I think one of