Should Men be the Head of Their Household?

There's a common viewpoint that in a family, there needs to be a "head of household" and that it should be the man. My unpopular opinion is that there probably doesn't need to be a single "head of household" and even if there is, it shouldn't default to being the man. To me, saying the man should be the head of the household implies that women are inferior, that we are below men, that we are somehow incapable of running a family and a household. I don't think this makes any sense because generally speaking, it is the women who actually run the household. Women are the ones who keep track of everything needed for the children, where they need to go and when, what their likes and dislikes are. Women are the ones who cook, clean and keep track of everything that is needed from the store. There are plenty of videos floating around with a bunch of men who don't know their kids' birthdays, don't know where they go to school, what grade they are

Privilege Vs Hard Work

There is a constant debate about privilege. A lot of people seem to take offense at being told that they have privilege or "are privileged". What I think many people don't understand is that privilege and hard work are not mutually exclusive. In order to be successful, you need a combination of both. In the case of athletics for example, the privilege is being born with certain genes. There are many different biological aspects that give someone an advantage in a given sport. Nobody would ever say that an Olympic champion doesn't work hard, but they are also privileged. I think that a lot of the time, people take their privilege for granted possibly because they don't fully realize the magnitude of how much it helped them or don't realize that other people don't have those same opportunities. I'll provide a few examples of my life highlighting the things that I would say are privilege and things that were hard work. Pre-college education I think one of

Relationship Red Flags

Many of us, myself included, have unfortunately had relationships that were lacking in many ways. I've decided to summarize some of the red flags and things I overlooked from my past relationships, partially for my own benefit and partially in case it helps someone else avoid the same mistakes. Red Flag #1: They have untied loose ends from a prior relationship Having unresolved issues with someone they dated before you is a sign that this person jumps from relationship to relationship. By doing this, they don't take the time to properly learn and grow from each relationship before going into the next one. I had an ex in this scenario. He ended up deprioritizing me at times to handle the unresolved issues with the other person. This was a sign that he had a lack of respect for me and our growing relationship. This ended up manifesting itself in other areas later in our relationship which will be illustrated in the next red flag as well. Red Flag #2: They don't want to commit

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica Trip Recap

I recently took a trip to Costa Rica, and here are the details of my trip. I'll share the day by day recap with details for each day then provide an overall summary of my thoughts at the end. The trip was only about 2.5 days, so not long at all, but definitely worth it. If you prefer a video version, check out my Youtube Video . Day by Day Recap Day 0 I left my house around 9 PM on a Friday night. My flight was supposed to leave San Francisco around 11 PM, but we actually left around 11:30 PM. My layover in El Salvador was only an hour, so I was concerned I was going to miss a connection because of the delay. However, we actually ended up arriving 30 minutes early. I’m not sure how exactly the pilot did that, but we arrived in El Salvador around 6 AM central time so that was about about five hours of flying to El Salvador. I ended up arriving an San Jose, Costa Rica around 9am on Saturday. Day 1 The only international airport is in San Jose, and most of the places that people visit

Bali Solo Trip!

I took another solo trip. This time to Bali, Indonesia. This is a blog about my experience. If you prefer to receive information in video form, please check out the vlog. Travel Info Bali does require an eVisa or VOA for US citizens. You can do this when you arrive, but I opted to do it ahead of time to avoid waiting in an additional line. You can apply at and the cost is about $35. I traveled on China Airlines from SFO - DPS via TPE.  Be prepared for a long travel day if you are coming from the USA. It was about 17 hours of flying each way between the two flights. I think flights may be even longer from the East Coast. I didn't eat much on my first flight, but the food was decent on all remaining flights that I took. I pre-ordered a lactose-free meal since I am lactose intolerant. They were accommodating of other dietary restrictions as well. The seats were not particularly comfortable especially on the longer flight. The plane seemed to be a bi

Eating Out is Cheaper than Groceries?

For those of you wondering if the title is clickbait, yes, it is. There seems to be a general sentiment that eating out is cheaper than buying groceries these days. This is showing up even more as grocery costs continue to go up. However, grocery costs are not the only thing going up. Restaurant prices (including fast food) are also going up. If you prefer to watch a video instead of reading this blog post, please see my youtube video below :) I decided to map out a week's worth of food given three different scenarios to decide once and for all, whether eating out or cooking at home was cheaper. If you want to check the values that I used or verify my math, please refer to this spreadsheet . Scenario 1: Eating out If we assume that a meal out costs $10 on average ($5 for breakfast, $10 for lunch, $15 for dinner), that would bring us to $150 for a 5 day workweek. If you are like me and your meals out consist mainly of food delivery services or sit-down restaurants, this cost is actu

100 Years of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc

I became a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated in the Spring of 2012. This year was my 10 year SIGMAversary. However, the sorority has been around for much longer. We were founded November 12, 1922 which means that we turned 100 this year (2022). We have been celebrating all year long, but I wanted to share some of my favorite celebratory moments from the year. May 2022 Butler University (where we were founded) honored our 7 Founders with Honorary Degrees July 2022 Centennial Boule The Boule is our International Conference which takes place every two years in the summer. I attended our Centennial Boule in Indianapolis, IN. I vlogged my experience (see Youtube video below), so I won't go into full detail here, but I will provide the main highlights of the week. Day 1 - Tuesday, July 12 - Thee Homecoming We all went to Butler University and had a homecoming style celebration where they unveiled a new Sigma Gamma Rho Monument. Day 2 - Wednesday, July 13 - Block Party We h