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Finishing the Learn to Code Series

If you subscribe to me on youtube, you have probably seen that I've been posting a series of videos on learning to code. The final video in that series is up today, so make sure that you check that out.  Don't worry if you have missed any of the videos, the playlist is here  so you can go back and catch up on any you missed :) I also have a description of each video with their individual links below. Episode 0: Python Environment Setup Python download (windows and mac) Pycharm download/setup (this is a development environment, or IDE, that makes coding easier) Starter code download simple exercise to check that the environment is setup correctly Episode 1: Collect Newspaper Karel program Karel the Robot to leave her house, collect a newspaper and return back to the starting point Episode 2: Ramp Climbing Karel program Karel to drop beepers in a diagonal line Episode 3: Stone Mason Karel program Karel to fill in the missing stones in the stone columns Episode 4: Checker

Get Organized with Me: Youtube Edition!

Today, I am showing you guys how I stay on top of my Youtube schedule. I use a combination of a few things: an excel spreadsheet (available for below), a Trello board and Hootsuite. I also make use of scheduling and drafts when possible. Please make sure to check out the video for the full details :) Excel Template download: A few issues that I encountered that I share workarounds for: * facebook doesn't show link preview for schedule posts * twitter only shows link preview after you click on the tweet (not in feed) * how to create drafts for IG posts (hidden feature!)