Relaxing + Productive Night Routine

My Night Routine!

I like to have a good mix of things in the routine that I do at the end of the day. I do have some variation as some days I want more relaxation and pampering than others but most of the things are consistent from day to day. To be completely honest, I don't do this routine every single day, but I generally fall asleep faster and get better quality sleep when I do my routine vs when I don't. I'll mention the high level steps of my daily routine below, but check out my youtube video for the full details!

  • straighten up + tea -> 20 mins: I like to go to bed and wake up to clean house with minimal clutter. Tea also helps with relaxation
  • read -> 30 mins: while drinking tea :)
  • get ready for bed -> 30 mins: including shower, brushing teeth and skincare
  • log food -> 5 mins: MyFitnessPal
  • Duolingo -> 10 mins: re-learning French :)
  • Journal -> 10 mins
  • Affirmations -> 5 mins
  • Meditate -> 10 mins


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