Trip to Tulum, Mexico!

I did create a video of my experience, so feel free to check that if you prefer watching a video over reading. However, I do provide some additional context in this blog post which is not included in the video, so it might still be worth reading :)

Monday, January 3, 2022

This was our travel day. We left landed in Cancun around noon local time and got on our shuttle to our resort (Dreams Tulum) which took about an hour and a half if I remember correctly. We didn't do much on Monday since by the time we got there and checked in, it was fairly late in the day and we were pretty tired. We did walk around a bit and find out where the pool was, but that was about it. We had a quick dinner at the Mexican restaurant then briefly stopped by the entertainment for the evening which was karoke with a live band.

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

We spent a good amount of Tuesday in a presentation that they low-key tricked us into attending. Think timeshare presentation but not timeshare...We did get some free gifts out of it, so it wasn't a complete waste but it definitely took longer than we were told which was unfortunate. We grabbed lunch at the Seaside Grill then spent the rest of the day at the pool before getting dressed and going to dinner. We wanted to go to both the French and Italian restaurants, so we decided to go the French restaurant (Bordeaux) first for appetizers then head to the Italian restaurant for our main course. We also went by the entertainment which was a live band playing Latin music :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

We spent most of Wednesday on an excursion. It was a combo activity consisting of Ziplining, riding ATVs and snorkeling in the cenotes. We then got dressed before having dinner on the beach. At dinner, a random Mexican cat attempted to make friends with us lol. After dinner, we again went to the on-site entertainment which was the same live band as the previous day then went to the mini club that they have on-site as well.

Thursday, January 6, 2022

This was our last full day, so we decided to spend the day in Tulum itself (the main town). There wasn't any particular agenda outside of trying a couple of Vegan restaurants, so we spend the majority of the time just walking around and site-seeing. We took the Collectivo from our resort into town which was 25 pesos per person (price varies depending on where you get picked up and dropped off), but we were unable to take it back so ended up having to get a taxi. The Collectivo stops running at 11pm and once it gets close to that time, they fill up quickly. Our taxi driver told us that we would have needed to walk to the far end of town and get on at the first stop if we wanted to be able to get on one before it filled up, so keep that in mind. I did manage to make friends with a dog at one of the stores we stopped into :)

Friday, January 7, 2022

This was mainly a travel day. However, we did manage to stop by the swings at the resort to have a bit of fun and take a few pics before catching the shuttle back to the airport and flying off into the sunset.


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