Lovers and Friends Fest! Las Vegas

I had a great time at the Lovers and Friends Festival in Las Vegas, so I wanted to share my experience with everyone. If you're interested in a video version, please check that out on Youtube :)

This was my first time attending an all day music festival, and I definitely wanted to be prepared for the Vegas heat, so first I'll share what I packed for the festival.

  1. clear backpack - This was a must as festivals as well as many other events only allow clear bags or super small clutches. I definitely needed something of a pretty good size to carry all of my other options.
  2. gatorade powder - This was a major key in staying hydrated in the 100 degree Vegas weather. Some people use the Liquid IV packets, but some form of electrolytes are definitely a must.
  3. collapsible water bottles - I chose these because I wanted to have more room on my way to and from the festival when all of my other items were in my backpack. I reserved a locker, so some of the less essential things (listed below) were left there which made room for the full water bottle.
  4. high-fidelity ear plugs - I ended up not using these as it wasn't super loud, but I'll hang on to them for future use.
  5. sunscreen - Sunscreen on my face is a daily thing for me, but full body sunscreen (with re-application) is a must for being in the sun all day (yes, even for those of us with melanated skin). There are many options but I typically purchase SPF 50+ sunscreens that are both water and sweat resistant.
  6. hat - I wore a basic black baseball cap
  7. sunglasses
  8. umbrella - This helps to provide shade when away from the shaded areas.
  9. first aid supplies - I definitely made use of my anti-chafing gel (The girls with thick thighs know what I'm talking about) as well as my bandaids to prevent blisters. They do have a medical tent, so not much is needed.
  10. sandals - I brought these in case I wanted to air out my feet. I ended up not using them
  11. small towel - to sit on...nobody wants to stand for 12 hours
  12. portable charger - to keep your phone from dying
  13. mini fan - self explanatory for 100 degree weather
Now for my experience at the festival. First, it's important to mention that the festival was two days (same lineup both days), and from what I've heard, the second day (when I went) was much smoother than the first day. It was a bit overcast on Sunday which helped with the heat as well. Additionally, there were multiple different ticket types.
  • GA
  • GA+
  • VIP
From what I saw, the main difference between GA+ and VIP was that VIP's designated area was within view of the stage. For GA+, we had a designated area but we could not see the stage. However, they did provide a tv screen with speakers, so we could keep up with what was happening on the main stage. Both GA+ and VIP had shade options, picnic tables, air conditioned bathrooms, etc. This was a major help in helping me to stay cool and hydrated throughout the day. I would not recommend GA for this festival as shade options were definitely limited and the water stations would intermittently get warm.

Overall, I enjoyed my festival experience. I was able to see most of the artists that I was interested in, but I did miss a couple towards the beginning due to arriving late (my fault). I heard that a few people actually bought tickets for both days to be able to see more artists which I think was actually a good idea. I would definitely go to this festival again to see some additional artists :)


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