100 Years of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc

I became a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated in the Spring of 2012. This year was my 10 year SIGMAversary. However, the sorority has been around for much longer. We were founded November 12, 1922 which means that we turned 100 this year (2022).

We have been celebrating all year long, but I wanted to share some of my favorite celebratory moments from the year.

May 2022

Butler University (where we were founded) honored our 7 Founders with Honorary Degrees

July 2022

Centennial Boule

The Boule is our International Conference which takes place every two years in the summer. I attended our Centennial Boule in Indianapolis, IN. I vlogged my experience (see Youtube video below), so I won't go into full detail here, but I will provide the main highlights of the week.

Day 1 - Tuesday, July 12 - Thee Homecoming

We all went to Butler University and had a homecoming style celebration where they unveiled a new Sigma Gamma Rho Monument.

Day 2 - Wednesday, July 13 - Block Party

We had a big party at Victory Field complete with a performance by the Hamiltones and a fireworks show.

Day 3 - Thursday, July 14 - Business Meetings, Irvington Historical Society, Public Meeting

This is when the real action started. We started the business meetings on this day with a bang highlighting International Sorors and generally having a party at 8:00am lol. I visited the Irvington Historical Society in the afternoon which was the original site of Butler University and was the site at the time the Sorority was founded. This was a very surreal experience and not something that I can really explain in words, so I would recommend watching the video. The day ended with Public Meeting which is when all other organizations come to bring congratulations and gifts and it was a very inspiring event complete with the Sigma Gamma Rho documentary trailer, a performance of a Sigma Gamma Rho Song and words from Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump.

Day 4 - Friday, July 15 - Awards Luncheon, Step Show, Concerts

We had our Awards Luncheon featuring newly inducted Soror Marsha Ambrosius. We later had a Charlie Wilson concert followed by a Step Show and then a "surprise" appearance by Too Short

Day 5 - Saturday, July 16 - Gala

By this time, I was tired, so I didn't do much during the day. We had a beautiful gala in the evening with performances by newly inducted Soror Meredith "Ezinma" Ramsay and Anthony Hamilton

Day 6 - Sunday, July 17 - Prayer and Praise Breakfast

This was the final event of the conference and featured Kirk Franklin. Then it was time to head home and recover lol

November 2022

Of course, November 12 is when we were founded, so we had to continue the celebrations on the actual day. Many Sorors returned to Indianapolis where the new Sigma Gamma Rho Documentary was shown (I still need to find out how to watch it). Many other Sorors traveled to regional celebrations. I personally stayed in the San Francisco Bay Area where I live and celebrated with Sorors locally which was a really good time.

We also participated in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. You can watch the performance here and here (two different angles) if you are interested.

There may be more planned, but I think it's been a pretty full year and I'm excited to be experiencing this milestone and I look forward to everything that is to come in the future.


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